2 Lot Available

52 Rowley Road

Adelaide, Aldinga Beach, SA, 5173,

$651,800 - $662,050

3 - 4 Beds
2 Bath
1 Garage

*Please be advised that some lots/units may need confirmation of availability. Kindly ensure to check availability first by emailing or phoning us.*

Aldinga Beach is a coastal suburb located in the southern part of Adelaide, South Australia. Here's an overview based on the information available:

Suburb Overview: Aldinga Beach is known for its coastal setting, beautiful beaches, and a mix of residential and recreational areas. It is part of the City of Onkaparinga, and its coastal location makes it an attractive place for residents seeking a seaside lifestyle.

Transportation: Aldinga Beach is accessible by road. Main roads in the area include Main South Road, which provides a connection to Adelaide and other nearby suburbs. Public transportation options, such as buses, likely serve the suburb.

Schools: There are likely educational facilities in and around Aldinga Beach, including primary and secondary schools. Residents may also have access to schools in nearby suburbs.

Parks and Recreational Areas: Given its coastal location, Aldinga Beach provides residents with access to beautiful sandy beaches and potential recreational areas. Coastal parks and reserves may offer opportunities for outdoor activities.

Shopping Centers: The suburb may have local shops and businesses to cater to residents' daily needs. Larger shopping centers may be located in nearby suburbs.

Infrastructure: Residents of Aldinga Beach would have access to essential infrastructure, including utilities like water supply, electricity, and telecommunications services. Healthcare needs may be met by medical centers and facilities in the broader region.

Rent Weekly $485
Rent Monthly NA
Rent Yearly NA
Rental Yield Return 3.81%
Land Registration
Land Size 350m²
House Size 135.00m²

Rent Weekly $550
Rent Monthly NA
Rent Yearly NA
Rental Yield Return 4.39%
Land Registration
Land Size 350m²
House Size 144.00m²

Chris B1

0414 274 357